Case Study

Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation compared to traditional insulation

The best way to show how you will gain from the application of SPF to your structure is through real world case studies that illustrate these points.

Below are some statistics that highlight the great savings that homeowners can achieve by using SPF, in a two home comparison, both homes equal in location, square footage, shape and overall energy usage, one home using SPF and the other traditional insulation.

Even though the home using traditional insulations’ R Values were much higher, the home with SPF saved an amazing yearly average of 40%, demonstrating clearly that the key to superior insulation is to properly seal the envelope of the home and eliminate air penetration and escape, ensuring maximum energy efficiency.

These savings calculate to thousands of dollars over a just a few years. Here are some of the month’s actual numbers.

CASE STUDY House #1 House #2
Insulated with Traditional Insulation Insulated with Spray Foam Insulation
Time Cost KWH Usage Cost KWH Usage
Winter: January $155.44 2495 kwh $117.50 1833 kwh
Summer: May $106.79 1646 kwh $69.87 1002 kwh
Spring: July $247.31 2584 kwh $125.69 1386 kwh
Fall: September $163.92 1819 kwh $87.88 1046 kwh