Why Foam?

Spray foam is a plastic compound that’s sprayed in it’s liquid form.
It immediately expands to one thousand times (?) its original size and fills the cavity perfectly. In the past decade, spray foam insulation has become a very popular element of green building. It’s numerous benefits make foam the top choice for nearly all new residential and commercial structures.


benefits-icons-1Savings on Energy Bills
A well-sealed building envelope helps keep room temperatures stable. Your winter heating and summer cooling bills can be 40% lower when you can keep drafts and leakage at bay.

benefits-icons-2A More Comfortable Living Space
Anyone who’s lived or worked in a poorly insulated building can tell you exactly which rooms no one wanted to be in. Good insulation will keep all rooms inviting.

benefits-icons-3Peace and Quiet
A quiet space is a pleasant place. The absorbent quality of spray foam helps create a quiet oasis, even near highways, busy avenues, and airports.

benefits-icons-4Ecofriendly  and Energy Efficient
There’s a lot less energy expended in a well-insulated building. That reduces both fossil fuel consumption and gas emissions every day, year after year.

benefits-icons-5Healthier Air
Most buildings have occasional leaks or vapor that gets trapped in the walls and often causes mold growth. Foam is resistant to moisture and creates a barrier to prevent dust and allergens from seeping into the indoor space.

benefits-icons-6Less Maintenance, More Durabilitly
Spray foam, once cured, is highly resistant to moisture. It generally will not deteriorate, and will increase the overall structural strength of the home. Lower maintenance costs and higher resale value make spray foam one of the most worthwhile investments in your property.

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